Not all shingles are created equal. We’ve seen too many “30-year” shingles last 5-8 years. This is bad for the wallet and even worse for the world. We’ve seen the shingle dumps. Construction is hard on the environment, and we’ve come to consider it our responsibility to mitigate that problem as much as we possibly can. Longevity of the product plays a huge part in solving this issue. As a result, we only install quality products, to the manufacturer’s standards, with the future in mind.

We are certified Malarkey and BP shingle installers, and we strongly believe that these are the only shingles that should be installed in our climate and environment.

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Building fresh is great, but there’s something special about restoration. Fulfilled potential. A fresh take on the space you love. If that’s what you have in mind, do we ever want to be involved!

We love our work, we love our crew, and you will love having us around while we make quick work of creating your new space. We’re seasoned carpenters and we keep nearly every process in house. This ensures the fewest pairs of boots enter your sacred space and keeps our quality control tight.

Did we mention we are creative geniuses? We can help you envision the right space for your specific needs, design it with you, and then breathe life into it.

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Saskatchewan…The land of the living skies. It’s not just a sentiment. Every year, thousands of homeowners throughout the province are forced to file an insurance claim on their home due to wind or hail, a fire, or flooding.

As if a storm isn’t overwhelming enough, dealing with a claim can seem like taking Greek from an absent professor.

We are well acquainted with the insurance process and we work closely with individual adjusters to ensure your project receives the appropriate coverage and gets finished promptly.

So whether your roof has been pelted by golf ball sized hail, your siding was ripped off in a massive wind storm, or your basement became a short term swimming pool, call us for your next insurance claim.

While your roof is being replaced and paid for by your insurance, it’s a great time to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We can upgrade and install Class 4 hail rated shingles at an easy to swallow cost. Let this roof be the last one you have to worry about!

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